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Top 10 cities of South Korea

Top 10 cities of South Korea

South Korea is beautiful in very different aspects and cities of South Korea are covering all aspects of this beauty. Here we are sharing top ten cities of South Korea.

1. Seoul , Party City of Korea 

When ever you start talking about South Korea the first city will come to your mind is Seoul. This city is heart of South Korea. This is city has every thing for every one no matter you are searching for job , scholarship or fun you will be able to find your destination. This city is capital of South Korea. Population of Seoul is more than 10 million. It has many famous places to visit, we are planning to write about those places too but the most famous place of this city is Seoul tower.

2. Busan , The Beauty 

Seoul is classical but Busan has every thing you want or dream. Busan city of South Korea is famous for its beaches and mountains. Busan has some very good hotels and temples. Traditional games can be enjoyed on beaches of Busan.  Busan city of South Korea has an attraction for hikers because it is at the base of challenging mountain  Geumjeong. So Busan city of South Korea offers enjoyment of beach and mountain at the same time. 

3. Incheon, The Hub of South Korea

Incheon is not just important due to one of unique things of South Korea  which is Incheon International Airport the second best airport of World. Incheon city of South Korea is serve as business hub for South Korea. Incheon is third most populated city of South Korea after Seoul and Busan. It is a very modern and beautiful city of South Korea to visit.

4. Daegu , A Colorful City 

Daegue is really colorful in every aspect. This city has beautiful colors of culture, knowledge , education , economy and art. This city has one of the beautiful national industrial park of South Korea.

5. Daejeon, Future of Korea 

Daejeon is an emerging city of South Korea. Daejeon has many unique thing except its one of the top innovative university of world which is KAIST also a unique thing of South Korea. Due to location of Daejeon this city of South Korea experience all four seasons every year. Temperature of Daejeon is warmer then some other cities of South Korea.

6. Gwangju, Historic city

Gawangju is one of the most populated cities of South Korea. This city is historic in a sense that modern movement of democracy of South Korea is started from city of Gwangju. gwangju city of South Korea hosts a World Kimchi Culture Festival every year which is again a very unique thing of South Korea. It is nice place to visit due to its famous parks. 

7. Suwon , A Classical City

Suwon is a classical city of South Korea whith many temples and museums. This city has many classical gates to visit. Those tourist who are interested in classical art or building usually find good places to enjoy.

8. Goyang, City of Sports

Beside several universities and other educational institutes, this city has a famous name in sports of South Korea. Goyang city of South Korea hosts famous Korean League Challenge football team. Some other football teams and Asian League ICE Hockey team is hosted by this city. With beautiful infrastructure of stadiums it has attraction for sports lovers. 

9. Seongnam , A Calm Place to Live

Seongnam city is ranked as the most satisfactory place to live in South Korea. This city is more nearer to nature then any other city. This city has Pangyo museum and some temples to visit. Jungang and Yuldong and some other parks are also worth visiting places of Seongnam city of South Korea. 

 10. Ulsan, City of Coastal Regions

  Ulsan city of South Korea is not just famous for its university it has many other things those are also very important. Ulsan is 7th biggest city of South Korea with respect to population. Ulsan city has very good international reputation due to its international restaurants. 

Korea is not restricted to just these cities but these are some very important cities of South Korea. 

Pervaiz Kareem

Author & Editor

Is an MS/PhD student in KAIST in department of Electrical Engineering. He wants to explore Korea during his stay and also inform others who don't know Korean and want to know about Korea.


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