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Top 10 Unique Facts of South Korea

Top 10 Unique Facts of South Korea 

Every country has some unique facts so does South Korea. Some countries are famous for food, music TV programs and culture etc. while some are famous due to their culture and people. Here we are going to post top 10 amazing facts about Korea. 

1. Education rate of Korea 

South Korean students are exceptionally good in studies. South Korea is ranked as number two in the world in education rate. South Korea has a graduation rate of 93 percent while United States is far behind with a rate of 77 percent in education. If we talk about their education system then no doubt South Korea has a very good education system which is also ranked as number two world wide. 

2. Ability of English speaking in Korean people 

Despite of 93 graduation rate of South Korea people of this country are very in speaking English. Korean people usually hesitate to speak English although sometime they can speak if they don't shy. In stores and markets usually you find silly spelling and grimmer mistakes in South Korea. Things are changing now and most probably next generation will be able to speak English fluently in South Korea.

3. Only non US Innovative University of World 

In latest rankings of innovative universities, Reuters ranked Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) as top 10th innovative university of World. In top 10 innovative universities list KAIST was the only non US innovative university. This is a very positive sign for South Korea as well as Asia. 

4. Incheon Airport of South Korea

Incheon airport is another amazing thing of South Korea. It is ranked as the 2nd airport of World due to its infrastructure and services.  Number of flights of Incheon international airport of South Korea is 1480 flights per day. People usually prefer to travel from this airport due to its extra ordinary facilities.  Those people who want to visit South Korea for first time must try to use Incheon international airport instead of using any other airport of South Korea. 

5. Rivalry of South Korea with Japan 

Every nation has some friends and rivals in the world. South Korea and Japan are rivals in every field. Soccer matches between South Korea and Japan are just like Ashes series of England and Australia cricket teams or a cricket match between Pakistan and India. This rivalry is not limited to sports but they are also rival in political sense. In present few years steps are being taken to over come this political rivalry. 

6. KakaoTalk of South Korea  

This Kakao Talk is something really unique in South Korea. No one will ask you about your whatsapp number, Facebook username or twitter handle but they will ask about your Kakao talk ID. This is an application for sending messages or calling someone via internet just like whatsapp but it has some extended features with respect to need of every user. So be prepared for Kakao talk.

7. Kimchi a famous food of South Korea 

Kimchi is a more than famous food of South Korea. This is used as fermented side dish in Korean foods in South Korea. It is believed that kimchee is full of vitamins due to red hot pepper powder. This dish is prepared in bulk amount and then used through out the year. It is believed that every Korean consumes more than 18KG kimchi every year on average. 

8. Plastic Surgery in South Korea 

Looking beautiful is a common desire of everyone in this world. In South Korea due to better economy many people can fulfill their desire with the help of plastic surgery. You will be amazed to read that every one out of three Korean women  go through this process of plastic surgery. One thing which will be shocking for you that even the miss Korea of 2012 was with plastic surgery and no one showed any objection on that. 

9. Red Ink perception in South Korea 

Superstitions has their own world. In South Korea people are more worried about red ink. In Korea people believe if name of someone is written with red pen the that person will die or will go through very tough days in future. If you don't know about this fact then from today don't write any Korean name with red ink otherwise you will be responsible for his/her tough days. 

10. South Korea has world highest suicide rate  

This is the most harsh fact about South Korea. According to survey of Washingtonpost South Korea has the highest suicide rate with 24.7 suicide rate per 100,000 people. This is may be due to reason that people are more passionate about every thing.

These are some important facts about South Korea. Please share your opinion with us about this article.  

Pervaiz Kareem

Author & Editor

Is an MS/PhD student in KAIST in department of Electrical Engineering. He wants to explore Korea during his stay and also inform others who don't know Korean and want to know about Korea.


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